Who we are

This is Grannycall

Grannycall is a start-up based in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost state of Germany. We know from personal experience how great it is to share life with the whole family, including those family members who live in a retirement home or who don't own a smartphone. Grannycall reaches those who long for personal connections and interactions the most.

Portrait Max Brix
Max Brix - CEO and founder

Our goal is to make large distances seem small. And we have invented a clever tool to do just that. We have been tinkering with our invention for quite some time, researching and solving bigger and smaller problems that occur when you're transforming an innovative idea into reality. We are doing this full of enthusiasm, confident that we will be able to send you your personal Grannycall box to your home soon. Already today you are invited to browse our website and discover what Grannycall is about and how it works. No matter how happy we are to have come this far, we would be even happier if you would subscribe to our waiting list so we can keep you up to date about Grannycall!

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Freunde und Förderer

Gateway 49 Accelerator Landesförderung SH Schleswig-Holstein – Der echte Norden Mitglied DiWiSH