Data minimisation and security

We at Grannycall attach great importance to data minimisation and security.

Data minimisation

As a rule, we only collect data that is absolutely essential to providing our services.

Example: Since you do not have to pay by the minute for your video calls, we do not need to know with whom you speak and for how long. For this reason we do not store this information.

As a matter of priciple, we do not keep customer profiles, and we would never sell personal data to third parties. The data that we need to collect (e.g. your billing address) is stored only on servers in Germany.


Grannycall adheres to the latest security standards. All data exchange between a Grannycall device or a Grannycall app and our servers is transport encrypted via TLS 1.3, i.e. third parties have no way of  accessing or manipulating the transferred data.

Whenever possible we use end-to-end encryption via DTLS, which means that not even we ourselves have any way of accessing your data. This includes your video calls  as well as any photos you choose to share. When you use the Grannycall app to choose a movie from a public-service media library, your selection is also transferred to the Grannycall device using end-to-end encryption.

In order to keep your Grannycall device itself secure, all software updates are delivered with a digital signature. In this way the Grannycall device would immediately recognise manipulated software and refuse to install the update.

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